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Water and Waste Water Treatment Plant Solution



The importance of providing clean water for drinking purposes or industrial and domestic services became the vital criteria of country development.

Thus, we have the interest to provide our client with the best solutions of water treatment with innovative design and high-quality equipment, approaching the optimum performance considering the environmental effect and green energy issue.

Wastewater purifying system is a complementary system to reject the wastewater to the surface water, lakes, or rivers, so our mission is to provide the equipment which suitable for each case.



OUR Field of products

Pretreatment system:

Variety of pumps which used to deal with water manipulating with a different type of water conditions.

Clarifying tanks to decrease suspended solids in raw water, a variety of designs could be suitable for different cases depending on water quality required or water conditions.

The intermediate system is represented by sand filters and UF membranes micron filters etc…, this technology is widely associated with the condition of the project and the desire of the client.


Reverse osmosis system: Depending on TDS and other water source analyses we can provide our client with high-quality material components of pressure vessels and the best brand of membrane which matches the required performance.


 Pumps: associated with the design from a well-known brand is our choice, all other types of pumps involved in the process could be available to meet the requirements. An energy-saving device is always our choice in some cases to increase performance.


Chemical equipment: to achieve the best performance, we always choose the worldwide high-quality brands of dosing pumps to meet the harsh environment of chemical treatments as a part of the treatment process. Also, we give recommendations for the chemicals which have to be used in this process, we can give recommendations to the customer about the chemical quantity and vendors.



Control devices and pannels: without control and measuring devices, the system can not be processed, therefore we provide our customers with a variety of choices of control and measuring devices to meet the budget and requirements.


Valves and pipes: a wide range of pipes and fitting specifications and brands could be our choice to be presented to the customer.

As we are working with these titles above we are proud to present the best to the customer considering the environmental effect and energy saving through using the latest technology.